Privacy Policy and Copyright Statement

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On the protection of personal data

National Széchényi Library handles all personal data it becomes aware of during the use of websites, according to regulations worded in Statue No. LXIII. on the protection of personal data and the publicity of data of public interest.

National Széchényi Library respects the protection of personal data and handles any such data, which get into the Library’s possession, by taking into account all-time legal regulations in force. If you send or provide your data to National Széchényi Library, this will mean your consent to the fact that National Széchényi Library puts them in its files and handles them, with the aim and for the duration, defined by the nature of the transaction. National Széchényi Library will use your personal data exclusively for the purpose stated and it will not unite them with its databases originating from other sources. NSZL will not pass your data on to a third party and does its best to protect such data in every reasonable way.

We kindly draw your attention to the fact that from the website of National Széchényi Library you can reach websites of other companies and organizations. National Széchényi Library does not take responsibility for the content or accuracy of data published on these sites or for the safety of your data on such sites. If you use those websites, we recommend you to have a closer look at the privacy policy of the organization running the website in question.

Data Protection and Data Security Regulations of the National Széchényi Library (in Hungarian)

Copyright issues

The web pages of National Széchényi Library, together with all the visual, sound and text content that can be found on them, plus the arrangement of any such content are copyright-protected. The use of any such content in any form, exceeding the extent of personal use, is allowed only by receiving a prior written license from National Széchényi Library permitting to do so.

We kindly draw your attention to the fact that any use of our web content differing from the conditions detailed by National Széchényi Library above, or any use going against these conditions, will attract copyright, civil rights and criminal consequences. National Széchényi Library will act against any noticed infringement of the law.