Hungarica research

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The basic task of National Széchényi Library is to describe, process, register and collect documents considered to be ’hungarica’. NSZL carries out this task with active contribution from members of its own staff and also by way of making use of the results achieved by the researcher community.
A continuously growing database of the Library’s hungarica register contains reports of previous applications. If you wish to search in this database, please, feel free to contact us at the following e-mail address:  

In case of application grants which are cost-effective and justifiable from a professional point of view, one of the conditions to apply can be to hand in a certificate in connection with hungarica research by the applicant. Data required for such a certificate must be handed in by filling in this form. NSZL will send a certificate within 5 workdays, by e-mail, in pdf format to the e-mail address given by the applicant. In an appendix, this certificate will also contain research data supplied by the applicant in his or her application.

Data sheet
National Széchényi Library compiled a data sheet, so that research reports could be used in a more effective way. In case of a successful application, all applicants have to fill in this data sheet, after they finished research! You can find NSZL’s data sheet here.

National Széchényi Library will send a feedback letter after the arrival of hungarica reports.