Permanent Exhibitions

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To celebrate the founding of the NSZL, a new exhibition in Hungarian and English was opened in the building of the national library, paying tribute to the foundation of the library and its founder, Count Ferenc Széchényi, and also recalling the Corvina Library, which can be considered a historical predecessor, and presenting the complexity and multi-layered nature of the more than ten million documents, representing the totality of the written Hungarian cultural heritage.
Narrated on the walls, in the exhibition cases and through the touchscreens, several exhibition sections, independently interpretable, highlight a theme or aspect.
The exhibition, of interest to families, students, and all ages, occupies two floors of the building.


Hymn, Appeal, National Song – our emblematic poems

The National Anthem, the Appeal and the National Song - three iconic poems of patriotic sentiment, the embodiment of patriotism turned into three poems. The poems transcend themselves; they have acquired many meanings over their one and a half to two centuries of history. They have become the defining works of our collective memory and national identity, our national memory space.  
National Széchényi Library, Floor 5