Temporary exhibitions

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Dear Visitors,

We kindly inform you that our visitors, who do not own a Reader Pass to National Széchényi Library, can attend NSZL’s temporary chamber exhibitions buying a ticket that costs a flat fee of HUF 400. Exhibitions held in our Corvina showrooms can be visited by both our readers and visitors not hold a Reader Pass to NSZL for an individual fee, about which we provide information in case of each exhibition.


2021/10/25 - 2021/11/26
Chamber exhibition by the staff of the Collection of Early Printed Books: visitors can explore the landscapes of the early modern Kingdom of Hungary with the help of selected journey reports by Western European travellers.
2021/09/07 - 2021/09/25
On Thursday and Friday, 9 and 10 September 2021, starting at 11 AM, curator Anna-Mária Orbán will give guided tours in Hungarian of the exhibition of the works of Blessed Vladimir Ghika, while English guided tour will be held on 10 September, starting at 14.00.