The Concordantiae Caritatis in Budapest – conference

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Under the subtitle Devotion and Visual Information Flow in Late Medieval Europe, a German-language conference will be held in the Library on April 18, 2018; venue of the conference: Room 516 on Floor 5 of National Széchényi Library.

The conference will focus on a typological picture book by Cistercian author Ulrich von Lilienfeld, dating back circa 1350. Readers of the collection can get acquainted with the events of the Old and New Testament and, among others, with the lives of several saints in a visual form, with short explanatory quotations. Copying of the text of the book kept in Budapest was finished by Stephanus Lang in Vienna, on May 29, 1413. The task of drawing and painting some 1,240 scenes required the work of an additional team of seven illuminators.


Guests will be greeted and the event will be moderated by Gábor Sarbak (Head of HAS-NSZL Res Libraria Hungariae Research Group).

14:30: Martin Roland: The origin and use of the Concordiantiae Caritatis manuscript in Lilienfeld

15:00: Katrin Janz-Wenig: Passion sermons by Simon von Ruckerburg, as examples of the reception of Concordantiae Caritatis

15:30: Tünde Wehli: Research history of the Concordantiae Caritatis in Budapest

Coffee break

16:30: Christine Glaßner: Scribe of the Concordantiae Caritatis in Budapest: Stephanus Lang, a citizen of Vienna, compilator of a Latin-German 'Memento mori'

17:00: Maria Theisen: Czech style characteristics in Viennese book painting around 1400

17:30: Anna Boreczky: The Concordantiae Caritatis manuscript in Budapest and the so-called Wiener Großwerkstatt

Lectures will be delivered in German.

A facsimile copy of the Concordantiae Caritatis manuscript in Budapest will be exhibited in NSZL during the symposium.

Date: April 18, 2018
Venue: National Széchényi Library, Room 516 (4–6 Szent György Square, H-1014 Budapest)

Invitation card (in Hungarian)