Cultural Heritage Days 2023

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2023/09/16 - 2023/09/17


The national library will participate in the Cultural Heritage Days again this year. We are looking forward to welcoming you with building tours, Madách exhibition and colourful programmes on 16 and 17 September 2023!



The National Széchényi Library is located in the 1st district of the capital, in the F building of the Buda Castle. The main entrance opens from the Lion Courtyard between the Hungarian National Gallery and the NSZL.

The main entrance can be reached by 4 routes:

  • from Dísz Square on foot,
  • from Dózsa György Square on foot, and then by using the lifts on Palota Street,
  • from Castle Garden Bazaar on foot or using the lifts,
  • from Clark Ádám Square on foot or by using the Castle Hill Funicular.




LIBRARY BUILDING TOUR - Wandering around the Buda Castle Palace Building F

During the walk, our visitors may learn about the fascinating history of the building and discover parts of it that still preserve a small piece of the original royal palace.

Location: 5th floor, starting from the main staircase
Duration: 60 minutes
Maximum number of participants: 25 people


16 September 2023, Saturday

  • 10.30–11.30
  • 11.30–12.30
  • 13.30–14.30
  • 14.30–15.30 
  • 16.30–17.30

17 September 2023, Sunday

  • 10.30–11.30
  • 12.30–13.30
  • 14.30–15.30
  • 16.30–17.30 



Imre Madách: The Tragedy of Man – exhibition

In this exhibition, we present some particularly interesting documents from the Theatre History and Music Collection  to mark the 200th anniversary of Imre Madách's birth and the 140th anniversary of his theatrical premiere. Starting from the beginning of the history on the stage of The Tragedy of Man (21 September 1883), we will list the most exciting set and costume designs and theatre photographs of the first half of the 20th century (1926, 1934, 1939), and conclude with a look at the opening performance of the National Theatre on 15 March 2002.
Visitors will be able to admire the colourful and modern visual world with which Madách's great philosophical text was brought to life by directors and designers of all ages. Our presentation introduces the audience to the theatrical history of the Tragedy through a variety of technical solutions. They can digitally scroll through Ede Paulay's director's copy, take a selfie with Lucifer in the original premiere, and imagine themselves in front of Gusztáv Oláh's projected sets in Szeged. You can also browse through film adaptations based on the life of Imre Madách and The Tragedy of Man.

Venue: research room of the Historic Photo and Video Collection, floor 7
Time: ongoing

  • 16 September, Saturday: 10.00–19.00
  • 17 September, Sunday: 10.00–18.00



RETRO PC exhibition

Do you like 80s and 90s IT and computer games from that era? Then you're in the right place – our Heritage Days exhibition features nearly 100 working computers to relive your childhood, and the young can see what their parents socialised on.
Commodore, early Apple, Hungarian-built computers and x86 PCs are all represented, and you can not only see them, but try them out!

Location: Northern Reading Room, level 7
Time: ongoing

  • 16 September, Saturday: 10.00–19.00
  • 17 September, Sunday: 10.00–18.00