Móric Benyovszky Evening

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On the occasion of the 275th anniversary of the birth and the 230th anniversary of the death of Móric Benyovszky, the excellent Hungarian soldier, explorer, geographic descriptor, THE BENYOVSZKY MEMORIAL COMMITTEE will present programs of the Memorial Year on the Night of Museums 2016. Invited to the event will be eminent scholars, artists, public figures and those caring for the memory of Móric Benyovszky.


21.00 - 21.15
Presentation of the Benyovszky Memorial Year 2016 Memorial Committee and the Benyoszky family

21.15 - 21.20
Welcome speech by Randrianasolo Lalarison Richard, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Madagascar

21.20 - 22.00
Lecture and film screening held by György G. Németh, Chairman of the Benyovszky Society, under the title “In the Wake of Benyovszky”

22.00 - 22.30
Presentation of songs written for the upcoming Benyovszky musical, performed by the composer, Tibor Magnus Nagy

22:30 - 23:00
Malgasi unplugged music concert – authentic Madagascar tunes – performed by Madagascar musician Rivelis Tahinasoa

Venue: Ceremonial Hall on Floor 6 of NSZL