Book Giveaway Gala

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On the initiative of the United Nations Children's Fund, UNICEF, the Nova Hvylja Association of Ukrainian Nationality Youth and Families, the National Széchényi Library, Móra Book Publishing House and Petőfi Cultural Agency invited hundreds of Ukrainian refugees living in Hungary and their relatives to the Capital Circus of Budapest to begin the school year with a fabulous experience.

The organisers presented the invited children with five hundred copies of the collection of stories entitled Ribizli a világ végén [Ribizli at the End of the World], translated into Ukrainian, which was published last year by the National Library and its partners.


The book giveaway gala was attended by Dávid Rózsa, Director General, Liliána Grexa, Representative of Ukrainian minority in the Hungarian Parliament, Balázs Dezsenyi, Education Officer of the UNICEF Regional Office for Refugees, Dániel Levente Pál, General Manager of the Literary Division at Petőfi Cultural Agency and dramaturge of the Capital Circus of Budapest, and Péter Fekete, Director General of the National Circus Arts Centre.