Bulletin 2014 is out!

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Bulletin 2014, the English-language version of Mercurius, was published recently. Mercurius and Bulletin are sophisticated professional yearbooks published by National Széchényi Library, serving as continuations of the one-time OSZK Híradó (NSZL News) and NSZL yearbooks. Mercurius and Bulletin, respectively, have regularly been publishing news about the performance of the Hungarian national library, about tasks taken on by the institution and, last but not least, about NSZL’s most important achievements.

The Hungarian- and English-language versions of the publication, presenting NSZL’s own activities, come out in a distinguished format, with brief but informative articles and they are beautifully illustrated by color images, on 52 pages. The publications are for representational purposes, reaching library communities within and beyond the borders of Hungary.

Covering a wide range of rich content, we report on the exhibitions as well as on major events of the given year.

Table of Contents:

  • Editorial preface
  • Together again the one-time volumes of the Kölcsey Library
  • Sir Secretarius – Szigligeti 200
  • Facing and forming the tradition
  • The gift of the Sultan. Four Corvinas from the library of the Serai
  • The gate of Orient – a new international road
  • Turkey, our guest
  • “Bolder than painting”. The modern Hungarian commercial poster 1924–1942
  • Book and man. Suppressed. The Period of Disaster and the National Széchényi Library
  • This is how it was like the Night of the Museums in 2014
  • Guardians
  • The value-rescuer
  • The NSZL at book festivals
  • Vain memories – The atmosphere of the Sixties. “Do you remember that, tell me my dear friend?”
  • ELDORADO – Electronic document to everybody!
  • “Ugly book is a sacrilege”
  • Curiosity in the history of binding from the Library of Hungarian Women
  • Radnóti Memorial Year
  • Our Pauliner monks, the white friars
  • NSZL – Scientific symposium/symposia, 2014
  • MEK 20. – EPA 10.
  • The discovery of the year. Unknown Mozart-autograph in the Music Collection
  • The Prague Calendar has been restored
  • Széchényi Memorial Day, 2014
  • Personalia 2014