Essence wins international interior design award

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Our permanent exhibition Essence, which opened in autumn 2022, won an A’ Design Award in the Interior Design category.

The award by A' Design Award & Competition SRL is an important achievement, as traditionally very few entries are awarded in the design category. With this award, the professional content of the first permanent exhibition of the NSZL and the corresponding and supporting design have become a perfect and harmonious whole within the walls of the Hungarian National Library.

The collaboration between Mária Gazdag, the interior designer of Lulla Interiors, and the library is extremely fruitful, as the former Corvina exhibition of the NSZL also won an A'Design Award in the interior and exhibition design category in 2020. The Como-based organisation awards its prizes annually to designers, innovators and companies who want to showcase their current project through a combination of publicity and professionalism.



Celebrating the 220th anniversary of the founding of the National Széchényi Library, the exhibition is also special because it is a unity, inspired by the same roots, thus strengthening the institution's appearance. The exhibition should appeal to visitors from a wide range of backgrounds in a way that does not hinder the institution's operations and allows for the transition between the different parts of the exhibition. The exhibition units, which can also be interpreted independently, are connected by a visual storyline that links them into a coherent whole and an unfolding story.


In all cases, extended content is available on interactive devices such as touch screens, video displays and audio devices for the different themes. Sustainability was a very important factor in the design. The aim was to preserve the vast, empty, marble-clad interior of the building, while at the same time significantly changing its atmosphere. It was also important that as little new construction as possible should be added to the exhibition space, which covers some 1,300 square metres. The old, energy-intensive light sources have been replaced by modern LED lamps that provide natural light, creating an environment that is exciting for visitors to the exhibition but also a welcoming home for readers and staff alike. It means a lot to the national library that its readers and visitors can spend their leisure time in an internationally recognised space.



Essence – Exhibition

Interior design: Lulla
Interiors/Mária Gazdag
Graphic design: Artom Kft./Tamás Takács
Curators: István Elbe, Ferenc Földesi, Annamária Sudár, Márton Szovák, Edina Zsupán
Photos of the exhibition: Dániel Horváth

Location: National Széchényi Library, Buda Castle, building F, floors 5 and 6


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