Significant book donation to the Pribeník Library in Slovakia

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In line with its mission, the NSZL donated 453 books to the library of Pribeník on 11 April 2024 to improve its book collection. The NSZL also presented more than 140 colouring and activity books to local preschool and primary school children.

The Day of Hungarian Poetry event was held in the Mailáth Castle in Pribeník, built in 1799, and included a poetry readings to celebrate Hungarian culture.  

The National Library was represented by Katalin Matolay, Head of the Department of Collection Management of the National Library of Hungary and Luca Győri, Deputy Head of Department. Martin Kropuch, Mayor of Pribeník, expressed his gratitude for the donation of books. Katalin Matolay stressed, "We hope that everyone, from schoolchildren to adult readers, will find a book in the collection that will make reading a pleasure." Martin Kropuch said: "The development of the library in Pribeník is very significant for the local community and the region. This is also demonstrated by the fact that the library's donation of books also includes books in Slovak in addition to Hungarian." 


The event was attended by Andrea Pakosta, director of the Mailáth Museum, Silvia Sakáčová, director of the agricultural vocational school in the castle, Ilona Ádám, teacher of the local kindergarten, and the current members of the Mailáth family, József Mailáth's great-granddaughter, Mária Horváthné Sztankovánszky and her husband, Sándor Horváth.

The selected collection of books handed over could become the basis for the renewal of the library in Pribeník. Its themes are varied and cover the whole spectrum. In addition to academic works, the book donation also includes collections of proverbs, sayings, fairy tales and ballads.

The compilation has been made with the needs of local readers of different interests and ages in mind. This will contribute to the creation of a new core collection that will soon serve the intellectual life of the town. The NSZL intends to continue to support the library in Pribeník in the future, so that its increasingly sophisticated collection can continue to grow.