HUMANUS is a bibliographical database. It is meant to collect the bibliographical data of all essays and articles of periodicals, annuals, memorial volumes and volume of essays that are related to Hungary in a broader sense: authors, topics, culture, etc. (as Hungarica defines).

The department involved in this project has been working in the National Széchényi Library for 4 years. Its tasks and responsibilities are:

  • to find ways of cooperation among Hungarian scientific databases in existence;
  • to ease the method of processing and utilization;
  • to ensure and create the opportunity of changing data with other institutions, also from  abroad.

The collection of data is going on within the framework of an organization (consortium) where all participants make their well-defined contribution to HUMANUS on the basis of an agreement. The Department of Bibliographical Database on Humanities coordinates and supervises their activity.

By filling in the data of former databases, HUMANUS continually broadens the period of time covered. In addition, the bibliographical records are up-dated and completed on a regular basis. HUMANUS contains approximately 300.000 records at the moment (started in 1987).

Finally, users can search for discipline, subject heading, author, corporate name , type of publication and publishing year in our database.

Please, write us if you are interested in being a partner of HUMANUS:


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