From “Earth Cloth” to digital maps

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In the program of this year’s Researchers’ Night, we are looking forward to seeing you in the Map Collection of National Széchényi Library on September 30, 2016. Lectures and presentations will be held between 7 p.m. and 9 p.m.

Our program will take visitors into the world of maps. Map is the essential tool for spatial orientation, having gone through a series of transformations through the years, and now it moves almost entirely in the virtual space. Today we carry a smart phone equipped with GPS in our rucksack when we go for a walk in the forest. The good old yellow tourist map, with its torn corners, is no longer used. Lectures will be delivered on the basics of cartography, on the advantages and the future of maps. Major milestones in the history of maps throughout thousands of years will be highlighted, pointing out user needs which have led to the continuous perfection of maps, starting with clay tables and leading up to digital maps. Visitors can get acquainted with our scientific-educational blog on the history of maps, the so-called Földabrosz (Earth Cloth), and finally, some unique original map prints will be shown.

Lectures (in Hungarian):

19.00 – Krisztina Oláh: Map in the digital world

19.30 – László Pászti: FÖLDABROSZ (EARTH CLOTH) – new cartographic-scientific blog in the Hungarian national library: blog presentation

20.00 – Krisztina Oláh: Practical side of the use of maps: what kind of needs led to the development/accuracy of maps. From the beginnings to BKK route planning

20.30 – György Danku: Guided tour in the Map Collection, flavored with a map printing outlook and other interesting things

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