Reference services

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Source of information: reference handbooks of the Reference Library

During opening hours, users and those interested are provided with general and special information services:

  • The Library gives information about its stock, databases and services;
  • It gives information about major Hungarian and international information services, databases, electronic journals and about their availability;
  • The Library gives information about the location and bibliographic data of books (on the basis of reports received from Hungarian libraries about books published in Hungary before 1952 and abroad, from 1801 to present day);
  • It provides help with the use of NSZL and its catalogue system;
  • The Library provides bibliographic and data information;
  • Its services include introduction into special literature related to a given topic;
  • The Library helps with compiling special literature for students’ thesis;
  • It provides special information service in the fields of history and literature sciences.

After opening hours, National Széchényi Library provides information services via the Internet.

How to access our librarians providing information services:

In person Tuesday – Friday: 10.00 – 17.00
On the phone (+361) 224 3845, (+361) 224 3848
Skype orszagos.szechenyi.konyvtar

 Direct access to location register service:

  • In person: Currently not available
  • At the following phone numbers: (+361) 2243 813 or (+361) 2243 814
  • E-mail: