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NSZL as a publisher has been present on the Hungarian book market with its prestigious titles for years now. NSZL Publishing House publishes 26 to 30 publications annually, based on the unique collection of National Széchényi Library and the special knowledge of its staff. Individually or jointly with renowned publishers in Hungary and abroad, NSZL offers a wide range of books including facsimile editions, illustrated albums, volumes of conference lectures and essays, gap-filling bibliographies and exhibition catalogs.

While the primary aim of our activity is to publish the results of academic research at NSZL, we also take into account the unique bibliographical and special library tasks of a National Library, and its rich collection. As our special library tasks and Hungarica research often require facsimile editions of the invaluable treasures of NSZL, we regularly publish them, as well as several notable periodicals and a bilingual institutional yearbook.

Our publications are available in our bookshop, or can be ordered from the Publications Department of the NSZL using the contact details below:

  • Főigazgatói Kabinet kiadványtára, Országos Széchényi Könyvtár, 1276 Budapest P.O. box 1205.,
  • phone: 06 1 232-3556,
  • e-mail:

Our Publications