Copying service

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While making a digital copy

Making a copy of General Collection documents 

You can order a copy of documents belonging to the General Collection at this e-mail address:

The documents in our General Collection are subject to a condition report before they are added to the collection, so the digitisation of the documents is determined by the results of this report.

For each order, we can offer a specific lead time, which is communicated to our customers by e-mail after the order is placed. 

Copyright protected documents 

Copyright protected documents can only be provided in printed form.

If you have any further questions about copyrighted documents, please contact the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office for a statement

Printing fees

  • A4 black & white: 25 HUF/page 
  • A3 black & white: 30 HUF/page 
  • A4 colour: 300 HUF/page 
  • A3 colour: 400 HUF/page 


  • In Person: 
    National Széchényi Library 
    Buda Castle, building F 
    Floor 5, left after entrance, in the bookshop 
    Tuesday – Saturday from 9 am to 5 pm. 
    Payment can be made by cash or credit card. 
  • Cash on delivery: Via a delivery service at a delivery charge of 1,500 HUF. 
    Your order will be handed over to GLS Courier on the day of delivery, who will deliver it the next working day to the address you provide, between 8 am and 7 pm, depending on traffic and the number of parcels. 

Digitisation of non-copyrighted documents requested digitally: 

  • preview view image: for research, general use, 300 DPI, JPG or PDF: 40 HUF/page 
  • microfilm: for research, general use, 300 DPI, JPG or PDF: 100 HUF/page 
  • for printed material: exhibition, publication purposes, 600 DPI, TIFF: 500 HUF/page 
  • for exhibition, publication: a publication permit is required, for more information please contact 

Receiving digitised material: Documents ordered in digital format can be paid for by bank transfer. In this case, we will send you an invoice by post and in scanned form, after which we will provide you with a secure FTP download link from which you can download your order. 


Copy service from original document

Paper copy
A/4 black & white 25 HUF/page
A/3  black & white 30 HUF/page
A/4 colour 300 HUF/page
A/3 colour 400 HUF/page
Digital copy

preview view image: for research, general use, 300 DPI, JPG or PDF

40 HUF/page

microfilm: for research, general use, 300 DPI, JPG or PDF

100 HUF/page
for printed material: exhibition, publication purposes, 600 DPI, TIFF 500 HUF/page


Making a copy of Manuscript Collection, Poster and Small Print Collection, Early Printed Book Collection, Theatre History Collection, Map Collection, Music Collection documents is undertaken by the Digitisation Centre. 

You can ask for information on the spot, from the colleague in charge of the given reading room. 

More information on copying special collections material

Manuscript Collection 

Early Printed Book Collection  

Poster and Small Print Collection  

Theatre History Collection 

Map Collection 

Music Collection 

Other copying services 

  • Copying of documents acquired by Interlibrary Document Supply   
  • EOD E-books on Demand – Order an e-book for your personal use! Search for books and expressions in e-books which, on a special request, will be digitized with optical character recognition. This service covers old books only.  
  • Certified copy – We are ready to provide you with a certified copy from documents belonging to the stock of NSZL. Such demand is forwarded by our Reader Service to NSZL’s Central Registrar and Archives to make the certification. Official deadline is at least 48 hours. Ready material can be picked up at a pre-arranged time, only by the person who has placed the order, in Room 511 of NSZL. (Office hours: Monday to Thursday, between 9 am and 16 pm, on Friday, between 9 am and 12 am) You have to bring the fee stamp yourself, the value of which is HUF 100 per page. Institutions and individuals, exempt from duties, do not have to pay for this service. More in Hungarian