Eduroam - Education Roaming

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What is Eduroam?
This service makes it possible for NSZL’s visitors to use wireless Internet on various IT devices (laptops, tablets) or telecom equipment such as smart mobile phones. If you register in National Széchényi Library, you can use the service in other institutions, too, where the international network of Eduroam is available.
How can it be accessed within the building of NSZL?
The network can be accessed in History Science Reading Room, on Floor 7.
Who and under what conditions can use it?
You can register for Eduroam if you hold a valid NSZL Reader Pass for 6 or 12 months.
Where can I register for Eduroam service?
You are kindly requested to visit our OPM administrator on Floor 7 and he will create an Eduroam user profile for you.

How long is your registration valid?

It is valid for 12 months and can be prolonged for yet another 12 months, on each occasion it expires.

Can I have access to the network content of the mother institution if I registered to Eduroam service in another institution?
Sorry, you cannot. Eduroam provides only Internet access, via which you can have access solely to free content available on the World Wide Web.

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Fellow institutions in Hungary where Eduroam network is accessible:

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