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In cooperation of the German Embassy in Budapest and National Széchényi Library, a bilingual album entitled Germanico-Hungarica, Album mit Schätzen aus der Sammlung Alter Drucke, Album a Régi Nyomtatványok Tára kincseiből (Album from the Treasures of the Early Printed Books Collection) was published recently. Edited by Péter Ekler and Bernadett Varga and designed by typographer László Kiss, the representative volume gives a selection from the treasures of NSZL’s Early Printed Books Collection, in which the diversity of centuries-old German-Hungarian relations is revealed. The “anthology” consisting of color reproductions of certain details of the selected works and of short text annotations includes well-known and less known, ornate and less attractive but all the more interesting chronicles, travel descriptions, travelogues, war reports, histories of countries, woodcuts, copperplates, religious reading materials and textbooks – beautiful examples of German-Hungarian interactions to be found in early printed books. Descriptions were made by Csilla Bíró, Péter Ekler, János Heltai, Csaba Péter Horváth, Györgyi Nagy, Klaudia Túri, Bernadett Varga, Judit P. Vásárhelyi and Ágnes W. Salgó, while the text was translated into German by Albrecht Friedrich.

“The project, initiated by National Széchényi Library and supported by the Embassy of Germany in Budapest, documents rather expressively the vivid and centuries-old social contacts between the two nations.”
Dr. Heinz-Peter Behr, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Hungary

“Since the Hungarians had settled in the Carpathian Basin and since the foundation of the Hungarian state, German-Hungarian political, economic and cultural relations have been one of the major external determining factors in the history of Hungary. We hope that this ornate volume presenting German-Hungarian relations will be a successful milestone of further cooperation opportunities.”
Dr. László Tüske, Director-General of National Széchényi Library

Data of the volume: Germanico-Hungarica, Album mit Schätzen aus der Sammlung Alter Drucke Album a Régi Nyomtatványok Tára kincseiből (Album from the Treasures of the Early Printed Books Collection), edited by Péter EKLER, Bernadett VARGA, translated into German by Albrecht FRIEDRICH, National Széchényi Library, 2016. 112 p.
ISBN 978-963-200-648-2
The volume is not available in book stores.

Content of the album:

  • Travel report of the Bishop of Freising from Hungary
  • The history of Saint Elizabeth of the Árpád dynasty
  • Speeches of Johann Geiler about Saint Elizabeth of the Árpád dynasty
  • Work of Ulrich von Richental on the Synod of Constance
  • The first printed report on the atrocities done by Dracula
  • Agreement between Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III and King Matthias on throne succession
  • A volume from the collection of Hieronymus Münzer
  • The first book printed in Hungary
  • Recapture of Szabács in Schedel Chronicle
  • Deluxe copy of the Thuróczy Chronicle made for King Matthias
  • Document about the beginning of the Dózsa Peasant Rebellion
  • First printed map of Hungary
  • An early printed Hungarian language relic
  • A German mercenary's account of the events of war in Pest
  • The first laws of the Transylvanian Saxon Lutheran Church
  • Engravings by Jacobus Lucius Transylvanus in Hoffgreff-Heltai press
  • Gáspár Károlyi and the Wittenberg concept of history
  • Spiritual guide for soldiers fighting against the Turks
  • Martyrdom of Hungary
  • German-language edition of the historical work of Bonfini
  • Zrínyi album by Peter Albinus
  • Georg Henisch’s  Aretaios edition
  • Hungarian-language catechism of Petrus Canisius
  • The description of Nagyszombat in Martin Zeiller’s work
  • Books written by Péter Révay on the Holy Crown
  • Germany in the first Hungarian-language travel report
  • Psalm translations by Albert Szenci Molnár
  • Institutio translation by Albert Szenci Molnár
  • Education program of German professors in Transylvania
  • Funeral speech and elegy of Martin Opitz at Zsuzsanna Károlyi’s funeral
  • Johann Heinrich Alsted
  • Johann Heinrich Bisterfeld
  • Philipp Ludwig Piscator
  • Brewer press in Lőcse
  • Hungarian students of David Pareus
  • Portrait gallery of Hungarian kings and dukes
  • Engravings of Hungarian lords and kings by Heinrich Raab
  • German description of Hungarian dances
  • Fountain erected in memory of the Battle of Nagyharsány in Nuremberg (1687)
  • Treasure-house of the people of the world