Literary Journal 2019/3. School

Literary Journal 2019/3. School

Literary Journal 2019/3. School
Editor-in-Chief: János Szentmártoni
NSZL – Magyar Napló Publishers Ltd., Budapest, 2019, 120 pages
ISSN 2063-8019

1 590,- Ft

The Literary Journal’s issue entitled School presents the connections between the school and literature through studies, artwork analyzes, professional interviews and personal recollections. The directions of the approaches are: the depiction of the school in classical and lesser-known works, the teacher career of writers, the past and present of writing schools, and the challenges of literary education. Our issue presents the image of school in the 20th and 21st centuries, including works of cinematography and rich visual material, as well as a selection of literary texts inspired by school experiences.

Literary Journal

Literary Journal, a quarterly joint publication of Magyar Napló and National Széchényi Library is a richly illustrated magazine of more than 100 pages, primarily dedicated to the broad audience, but also well usable as educational material. Its thematic issues always focus on one classical author, period of literary history or cultural phenomenon. Apart from including texts so far unpublished, Literary Journal can also significantly broaden the horizon of re-reading. The previous issues were dedicated to Gyula Illyés, Sándor Márai, Géza Gárdonyi, Gyula Krúdy and Miklós Zrínyi.