Structure Attributes Supported


1 Phrase One or more groups of characters separated by spaces. The records retrieved will contain the group(s) of characters exactly as they appear in the search term with respect to order and adjacency.
2 Word One group of characters with no spaces. It is the exact text of the value to be searched.
4 Year This is a numeric search term that consists of four digits. Ex. 1989 This can be used with use attributes 30,31,1011,1012
5 Date (normalised) The day, month, year and time when a transaction or event takes place. To be used with use attributes 1011 and 1012.
6 Word list For the majority of indexes, word lists are treated exactly like phrases. For coded values, word lists have an implicit OR between words. In the latter case, order and adjacency are unimportant and truncation is not allowed.
101 Name (normalized) A name search term that is structured in a particular order. In NEKTÁR, the structure is last name first name. Ex. "masters olga" or "arany jános"
200 Amicus specific value Used for specific coded elements.